Footnotes issue ABCD

CHF 20.–
  1. The Haas Typefoundry Ltd. in an International Environment
    Changes and Developments in its Organisation and Operation – part 2
    Brigitte Schuster
  2. Sans plomb
  3. The 2002 Typographic Agenda
    François Rappo
  4. Typeface Redesign
    Christian Mengelt
  5. A Note on the AA Files Display Initials
    One-off Three: all styles
    Adrien Vasquez
  6. Cogitating Vectors: The Hershey Fonts
    Frank Grießhammer
  7. Everyday types
    Researching Ladislas Mandel’s typefaces for telephone directories – part 1: Galfra
    Alice Savoie, Dorine Sauzet, Sébastien Morlighem

François Rappo, Christian Mengelt, Adrien Vasquez, Jean‑Baptiste Levée


The 2nd issue of Footnotes, the periodical bulletin of applied research in type design contains 6 articles, numbered 5–10. Each copy comes with complimentary goodies: a book-shelf-mark (listing the table of contents of the previous issue) and a card with visual clues.


Münchenstein & Detroit, Modern Programme, The Skeleton, Disco all style, Edgy curves, The Phonebook calls


catalogue number: LP02
release date: October 2017
ISSN: 2504-0413
format: 165 × 235 mm
volume: 48 inside pp.
iconography: 82 ill. b/w
editing & design: Mathieu Christe
lithography, printing & staple binding: Geneva, Switzerland


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p. 53: illustration 5.28 The typeface Graphique was not designed by Max Miedinger but Hermann Eidenbenz (the photo on the cover is also by him (a vintage print is in Schweizerische Fotostiftung Winterthur)).