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While La Police has been concentrating on publishing Footnotes, the periodical bulletin of applied research in type design since 2016, typefaces are due to complement the LP catalogue shortly. Good things come to those who wait.


La Police adheres to this motto once spotted in a restaurant: “If you have been pleased spread across your friends. If not, please complain with us.”

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Experimenting with Twitter allowed us to connect broadly with the type community, helping us spread the word. Although social media marketing is breathing down our necks, we resist engaging more with other channels and have decided to disappear altogether. For this reason, we invite you to subscribe to our newsletter and/or RSS feed. Morse is up, fax was discontinued, sorry.


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Once you have typed our URL and hit return, apart from the use of Stripe cookies on the Cart page, we don’t collect data. Our website doesn’t use analytics. The newsletter’s contact list is stored in Switzerland by Infomaniak, also hosting our portal. We won’t share your contact with anyone, same for Infomaniak according to the company’s GDPR-based legal obligations.


Footnotes is this publishing venture’s flagship publication, available solely in print and released occasionally. As issues become out of print, selected articles will be accessible online, gratis among the Stories section.

To guarantee free access to knowledge, the complete collection is available in libraries and institutions worldwide. An up-to-date list can be consulted here.

For any correspondance, please use this dedicated email address: footnotes@lapolice.ch.

Lost & Found

Orders ship every Friday, without any confirmation email. Deliveries can experience lags up to triple the official delays, unfortunately beyond our control, so please be patient.

In case of a wrong delivery address, once your order has come back, the additional shipping will be charged and processed as promptly as possible.


If you feel like contributing with original content, don’t hesitate to get in touch to share your idea(s). To get a sense of the tone, reading an issue beforehand is strongly recommended. A list of all articles published so far is available here.


In the light of a new discovery, the likelihood of approximation or error, we welcome your findings. We will record and list corrections in the Errata section of each issue, compliments of the house.


If you’re interested in reviewing an issue, please send a link to one of your recent articles with your request, along with your postal address and motivations to cover Footnotes. La Police needs committed journalists and stimulating exchange. Here’s an ideal example. When issue A came out, Ryan Gerald Nelson conducted an in-depth interview for The Gradient, Walker Art Center’s between art & design blog in 2017.


While most copies are being sold online through this website, a selected list of bookshops offer physical access to Footnotes. Although they vary from issue to issue, a list of all stockists is available on a seperate page. If you want to sell our periodical, conditions are as follow:

  • All copies need to be paid in advance in Swiss francs (via Stripe or a bank transfer).
  • 30% off the cover price.
  • Sell copies at the official cover price.
  • The minimum order is 4 copies (mixed issues approved, issues in stock: B, C, D).
  • La Police pays for the shipping & handling (Economy mail). Faster or tracked/signed options, if requested, will be charged extra.
  • Consignment is accepted solely on the occasion of special events and temporary bookstands.

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This website was designed using lightweight content and developed to be technologically accessible. The majority of its parts are static and mostly relying on HTML, sprinkled with Javascript. It should run fast on most machines and operating systems with low resources. We guarantee it won't turn your computer into a hair dryer.

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In case you’re wondering, the blinking dot on the landing page transmits a morse code signal which originates from our RSS feed.


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