issue A, 2016

A type design periodical published by La Police.
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table of contents (48 pp.)
Field recordings of human resources
No hints just clues.
Mathieu Christe
Pastis & Cigarettes
Josef Týfa first published Academia as metal type.
František Štorm
One-off One: Josef
Josef Müller-Brockmann fitting the typewriter’s grid.
Atelier Carvalho Bernau
Typewriter type faces
Recollecting aesthetics of spacing constraints.
Alan Bartram
The Race for Unica
One-off Two: Unica Intermediate
Portemanteau design back in fashion.
Louise Paradis
The Haas Typefoundry Ltd. in an International Environment
Changes and Developments in its Organisation and Operation
– part 1
Looking back, down the rabbit hole.
Brigitte Schuster
Test in progress typefaces at ideal ink density.

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