issue B, 2017

A type design periodical published by La Police.
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table of contents (48 pp.)
Leave no traces
No hints just clues.
Mathieu Christe
5The Haas Typefoundry Ltd. in an International Environment
Changes and Developments in its Organisation and Operation
– part 2
Looking back, closer, down the rabbit hole.
Brigitte Schuster
Sans plomb
Early digitals.
6The 2002 Typographic Agenda
Learning by drawing.
François Rappo
7Typeface Redesign
Think before your draw.
Christian Mengelt
8A Note on the AA Files Display Initials
One-off Three: all styles
Various styles for different issues.
Adrien Vasquez
9Cogitating Vectors: The Hershey Fonts
Recoordinating the past.
Frank Grießhammer
10Everyday types
Researching Ladislas Mandel’s typefaces
for telephone directories – part 1: Galfra
There is interference on the lines.
Alice Savoie, Dorine Sauzet & Sébastien Morlighem
Test in progress typefaces at ideal ink density.

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